Vibrant Wellness

Find your balance with the support of the herbs we’ve celebrated for ages. Plants offer wisdom and energy to body, mind, spirit, and journey; learn how plants can help nourish your wellness here.

Deep Magic

Open up to the natural power of plant magic to help manifest positive change in your life. From love and work to protection and blessings, the plants are here to help! Learn more here.

Living Connection

We’re surrounded by healing herbs. They provide air, food, shelter,m clothing, and beauty. Enhance your spiritual light by cultivating personal connection to the green kingdom. Explore here.

Plants occupy a very special place in our lives.
They provide the air we breathe, the food we eat, our shelter, our clothing, and even companionship.
Each plant is a bridge connecting Earth and Sky. Roots reaching deep and branches high.
And they bring medicine… healing for the body, mind, spirit, and journey.

From medicine to magic, herbs have been an integral part of our wellness since time immemorial. I invite you to step into the wild world of herbalism with me and learn all that the plants have to teach us.

As a clinical and spiritual herbalist, I offer a variety of services from education and workshops to private consultations and custom herbal formulations. As plants connect Earth and Sky, allow me to help connect you to the green world of the plants!

Josh Williams is a traditionally-trained clinical herbalist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Josh works to help connect individuals to their plant allies for healing, wellness, and spiritual empowerment. His style is a combination of clinical and intuitive, combining the spiritual and therapeutic aspects of herbalism to create a holistic offering for the people he works with.

Josh is an active teacher, community events organizer, author, and speaker. He also offers private herbal consultations and custom formulation.

Learn more about Josh here.

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