Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by the plant kingdom. From flowers and fruits to fragrant leaves and hidden roots, plants have always captivated me. As I grew up, I found herbalism through my own personal healing journey. I was astounded at how intimately connected humans and plants really are- and I am grateful to this day for how deeply the plants have helped my find and nourish my balance and wellness. I am excited to share my passion and purpose of plant medicine with you… and I know your world will change once you meet your own plant allies just as mine did.

I approach herbalism from two perspectives in a blended way. First, from the clinical where I work with plants as medicine based on our long documented history of herbalism and our modern scientific findings about how plants heal. Second, from the spiritual where I connect humans to plants to combine energies for the manifestation of magic. Plants play an integral role to both my clinical work and my spiritual work, and I find that they mix beautifully into one unique expression of wellness in body, mind, spirit, and life journey.

Education & Experience

  • Graduate of the Clinical Herbalism program at East-West, 2016
  • Master Herbalist Program with Paul Beyerl, current
  • American Herbalists Guild Member since 2015
  • United Plant Savers Member since 2015
  • Independent herbal study for over 20 years
  • Creator of Living Herbal Tea, the web’s oldest and largest blog dedicated to medicinal teas
  • Co-formulator of Quit Tea
  • Author of three books on herbal teas for wellness
  • Owner and formulator of Earth + Sky Herbal Teas
  • Organizer of Snowbrush Herb Festival in Salt Lake City
  • Organizer of Utah Tea Festival
  • Organizer of the Tea Tuesday program with the Salt Lake Public Library System
  • Board of Directors for the Marmalade Coffee & Chocolate Society

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