My name is Josh and I’m a traditionally trained clinical Herbalist living in Salt Lake City. Plant medicine is my passion, and it’s something I love sharing with others. I especially love working with the plants in the form of teas, tinctures, and hands-on workshops, so you’ll see lots of that in the work I do.

My goal is simply to connect humans to plants and to help facilitate the creation of healing relationships between the two. Plants are integral to our survival in that they provide the oxygen we breathe, the food we eat, our shelter, our clothing, and even companionship- but it doesn’t stop there. Plants are also the most profound form of medicine on the planet and have the ability to help use heal deeply on every level of our being. If I can introduce an individual to just one plant ally, that relationship unfolds into something truly magical.

My area of focus is on stress, worry, anxiety, mood, rest, addiction, burnout, and spiritual growth. I have spent my 22 years of herbal study delving deeply into these topics because they have been most relevant in my own personal healing journey- and because I find them greatly fascinating.

I work intimately with several classes of herbs such as adaptogens, nervines, and nootropics. These herbs speak directly to the epidemics of stress, anxiety, and strain in our world- and they offer a very powerful type of support and healing that I think all of us can benefit from in some way. I also approach work with the herbs from the energetic level and can introduce you to the plants that can help with calling, abundance, removal of blockages, deep healing of the heart, and spiritual growth.

Teas are my preferred method of delivery for herbs, and making and drinking herbal wellness teas are a big part of how I practice herbal medicine.
I have a special line of organic herbal teas here: Earth + Sky Herbal Teas

  • East-West school of Planetary Herbology / 4-year Clinical Herbalist Program Graduate
  • Southwest School of Botanical Medicine / Constitutional & Materia Medica Studies
  • Master Herbalist Program / Paul Beyerl (The Hermit’s Grove/Spiritual Herbalism)
  • Independent herbal medicine study for over 20 years
  • Owner of Earth + Sky Apothecary
  • Creator of Living Herbal Tea, the web’s oldest and largest blog dedicated to healing herbal teas
  • Co-formulator of Quit Tea
  • Author of 3 books focused on working with herbal teas for healing and wellness
  • Co-organizer of Snowbrush Herb Festival in Salt Lake City
  • Organizer of the Salt Lake City Public Library sponsored Tea Tuesday program
  • Board Member of the Marmalade Coffee & Chocolate Society
  • Member: American Herbalists Guild
  • Member: United Plant Savers

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