The Healing Power Of Herbal Teas
People often ask why I work with herbal teas so often, and why they’ve become a cornerstone of my herbalism and what I offer. There are actually lots of reasons why I love herbal teas, and these are just a handful of them:

  • It takes just three simple things to create healing tea: herbs, water, and heat.
  • Water is a universal solvent that’s both essential for and friendly to our bodies. We’re made up mostly of water, so it can deliver herbal goodness deep into the tissues.
  • Teas give us the chance to enjoy the color, aroma, texture, and flavor of the herbs we work with in ways we miss when we use tinctures or pills.
  • Getting to come into more contact with the herbs before they enter our bodies gives our immune system a chance to ‘vet’ them which means they are able to go deeper and work more efficiently.
  • Brewing tea is a moving meditation in mindfulness and self care. It gives us an excuse to slow down for a while and just ‘be’ with who we are.
  • As the steam rises, the aromatherapy action of the herbs in our tea cup get to work and add to the healing power of the infusion.
  • Herbal tea blends are often far less expensive than other forms of herbal medicine.
  • You can enjoy herbal teas nearly anywhere at anytime. They can be taken before or during meals, while on a walk, sipped on in traffic, or enjoyed with a good book.
  • Teas make beautiful healing gifts that everyone responds to. The colors, smells, flavors, and energies call to us and attract the sense of everyone!

For all of the above reasons I love working with herbal teas- but there’s more.

I have experienced for years that something nearly magical happens in the teapot. When those herbs are steeping and mingling with water and fire, they are brought back to life. They are infused with living energy that livens them and empowers them to move to our core and deliver whatever medicine we might need most to wherever we may need it.

The process of blending, brewing, and benefiting from herbal tea is a profound ceremony for healing and happiness, and many of us have created personal traditions around this seemingly simple act in our everyday lives.

Tea brings people together and brings us to our center. It hydrates, nourishes, warms, and heals. It honors the strengths and delicacies of the human being and flows with the humility and power of water to the highest and lowest parts of who we are. It seeps into every nook and cranny and delivers light and warmth where we may be harboring darkness and brittleness. It creates adaptability and hope and reminds us that we live in a world where we are quite literally surrounded with love.

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