Join me for a personal herbal consultation where we can connect you to the herbal allies that are best suited to help you reach your wellness goals in body, mind, and spirit. Every part of your life path can be nourished by the plants, and this consultation will help you discover those plants best aligned to your unique goals.

My work focuses on helping with issues of stress, anxiety, worry, mood, rest, recovery, addiction, and spirituality. These are my areas of expertise and I believe that no matter what a person may be dealing with in their lives, helping to create a more adaptable, resilient, and protected system can be deeply beneficial. I also work with the more subtle and spiritual aspect of plant medicine and can thus help with topics ranging from manifesting abundance to finding new relationships.

Sessions may include any of the following:

  • Complete constitutional analysis – who you are as an individual and which herbs are best aligned to you
  • Explanation of suggested herbs and formulas including where to find them and how to use them
  • Custom herbal tea and tincture making – done for you, or as a hands-on part of the session
  • Energy healing – light-touch work focused on moving plant energy into the body, mind, and spirit

In addition to the herbal information you’ll receive, I will also formulate and blend a custom herbal tea or tincture blend just for you! You will also receive a list of suggested herbal remedies with detailed information on brands, usage, and where they can be easily found in your area.

Consultations last 45-60 minutes and include herbal education, suggestions, and your tea blend which can be picked up locally in Salt Lake City or mailed directly to you.

Sessions take place in downtown SLC or via phone- your choice!

In order to serve as many people as possible, I use community sliding scale pricing. Please pay what you can afford and what value you find in the service. Sliding scale begins at $30 and averages at $50.

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