Understanding Stress
Like it or not, stress is part of life. It’s also behind the six leading causes of death in our country [1]. Stress is our body simply trying to maintain a state of healthy balance no matter what comes our way. We each have a complex and finely-tuned system within us that works tirelessly all the time to ensure that the delicate balance stays where it should be. When normal stresses come, our bodies adapt and adjust to keep a balance, the stress passes, and we go back to being healthy and harmonized. The problems start when stress doesn’t pass. It remains relentless and present in our lives causing our bodies, minds, and spirits to work hard constantly to try and maintain healthy balance.

As you can imagine, this can’t last long, Eventually we deplete our energy stores both cellular and emotional, we tax the stress response systems which generally leave them stuck in the ‘on’ position, and we leave ourselves vulnerable to the endless list of serious issues that stress can cause.

How Herbs Help With Stress
There’s a class of herbs known as Adaptogens. As the name implies, these herbs help the body regain its store of adaptive energy while helping to normalize functions, give direct support to the whole system, and protect us from the long-term damaging effects of stress. Other classes of herbs such as nervines, sedatives, nootropics, nutritives, tonics, and stimulants can all mix-and-match in specialized way for each individual to provide us with deep healing and a sense of serene wellness no matter what life brings.

Herbs For Emotional Wellness
While the plants are helping us become more adaptable, resilient, and protected in the face of endless stresses, they can also help give us deep nourishment, support, and healing in the realm of our emotions. From loss and loneliness to sadness and anger, herbalism tailored to the individual can help open the heart, shake off toxic patterns, bring in the light, and facilitate joy and optimism.

Plant Medicine for  Rest & Recovery
Have you ever experienced not being able to fall asleep because your mind wouldn’t stop racing? What about tossing and turning because your muscles were so tense and sore? How about waking up more tired than you were when you went to bed?

Herbalism is a wonderful way to help relieve tension and stress so that we can get into deep sleep for recovery and rejuvenation. There are many factors that influence how well we rest, and a wide spectrum of herbs can address them in each unique person.

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