Much of the herbal lore we rely on today comes to us via ancient spiritual traditions rooted in cultures across the world. The craft traditions of Western Europe have played an integral part in discovering and preserving a great deal of herbal wisdom; and we’re so lucky that some of it has survived into our times.

While we tend to think of herbs as something we take internally to create positive changes in our health and wellness, there is another way to benefit from their healing powers. Since ancient times, plants have been worked with on the subtle or energetic levels to help create deep, profound changes in us. When we work with herbs on this level, we can create changes in in our lives including and beyond the physical body. Herbs can lend their energies and powers to help us release toxic patterns, find a new job, attract love, or increase our intuitive skills- and more.

As a practitioner of a craft tradition that is spiritually rooted in prehistoric times and is alive and vibrant in the here-and-now, I am pleased to offer spiritual herbal services to those who find affinity with this type of medicine.

How It Works

Spiritual herbalism works with the energy and essence of our plant allies. Instead of ingesting them for healing the body, we work with them in other ways to create changes in the energy and spirit of our deepest self. We bring in the energy of the plant so that it can train and balance our own energies- the foundation of what eventually becomes our manifest reality.

As an example, if we are having a hard time finding a job that really serves who we are as an individual, we can work with certain herbs in combination to clear out self-limiting blockages, clarify our intent and desires, and create beacons of energy that draw us close to the jobs that will be a great fit for us.

We do this through a variety of means that generally do not involve ingesting the herb. Instead, we often carry them on our person, bathe in them, or burn them.

How To Receive

Spiritual herbalism sessions generally take place in person. We will discuss your goals, clarify them, and connect you with herbs that can help you attain them.

In most sessions you will experience some form of spiritually-rooted coaching followed by burning of herbs (smudging) to create changes in your energy field. We may also create an herbal bundle for you to carry on your person and meditate with daily. Other suggestions may be given that include ingestible herbal remedies such as teas and tinctures as well as daily practices to help manifest your desires.

I do not work with ‘black’ or harmful herbal magic. All works done are with harm to none and are based in love, light, and spirit.

To inquire about spiritual herbalism offerings, please contact me directly.

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