Join Lauren Stern of KINNABARI Teahouse for an evening Tea Ceremony at the Marmalade Library, Tuesday, August 29, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Lauren will be serving tea from Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. This exceptionally special tea comes from trees about 70 years old that grow without any pesticides or fertilizers of any kind. We will each have our own tea bowl with a few Tea leaves. In this graceful simplicity we will sit in quiet together, to slow down, and to remember our deepest truth — we are not just connected to nature — we are nature. We may arrive at our Tea Ceremony strangers, but it is rare that we will leave that way. Sharing tea in this intentional way heals and soothes us, gently inviting us to open our heart and encouraging us to open our heart to others.

Lauren was born and raised in New York City and has been living in Salt Lake City on and off for 10 years. Academically trained as an
architect, Lauren focuses her passion for ‘space making’ into creating sacred spaces for healing, ritual, and ceremony in service to her
community. She has spent over a decade studying ancient healing methods with master teachers and has had a private practice in New
York City and Salt Lake City, where she facilitates healing sessions for individuals of all ages, mother’s-to-be, couples, and groups.

Her love for Tea Ceremony began as a young girl when her father returned home from Southeast Asia with a tea set, one she still has.
In quiet and glowing candlelight, Lauren and her family would sit together creating an ‘island in time’ within the hustle and bustle of
busy city life. Her love for tea remained, and over the years it became a mission for her to not just consume tea but to develop a
meaningful relationship with this ancient wise leaf. Lauren has traveled to Taiwan and China to study with her teacher and visit land
where tea grows, lovingly tended to by farmers dedicated to growing living tea without the use of chemicals.

KINNABARI Teahouse, currently located in Salt Lake City, offers Community Tea Ceremonies, a Men’s Monthly Tea Ceremony Group, and Family Tea by donation. Lauren often collaborates with Storytellers, Sound Weavers, and other exceptional Facilitators to bring her ‘Tea &’ series to life, creating rich cultural events here in Utah. Lauren holds private Tea Ceremonies for families and individuals, business’ and corporations, and groups looking to create and incorporate meaningful ritual into daily life. This winter she will begin offering a curated line of seasonal living teas.

To learn more about Lauren’s Community Tea Ceremonies, facilitating work, and the KINNABARI Teahouse please visit and

Please send your name and number of requested seats by clicking here.

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